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Incoming 9th graders and their parents can use this page for information and links to keep up with the program.  Next year's Blue Star Regiment is looking to be larger than last year's, so keeping up on enrolment, auditions, and rehearsal dates is more important than it has been.  Don't miss out by missing something!


Important Things to Know


Where do I find the dates of Band Camp and auditions?

All events are located on the master calendar. The master calendar often has links to information you may want to read.  Here are some quick links for you to explore:

Band Camp Information   Auxiliary Information Page
News Page    

What happens if I missed auditions or will miss Band Camp?

Auxiliary: Students may be added to the group at the end of summer provided there is enough room in the group and they demonstrate the minimum requirements needed to enter the auxiliary group.  Students need to understand that they will have to catch up, which takes a lot of work, but it can be done.

Percussion (drums): Students may be added to the group after auditions provided there is an instrument available to play. New students at Band Camp are rarely (if ever) put into the battery percussion.  Students need to understand that they will have to catch up and will likely be placed into the pit ensemble first.

Band Camp: The student will be an alternate for parts of the show learned during band camp.  Students may be added to the show as we learn more drill and music provided the student demonstrates the necessary marching skills learned during their absence, and if there is a position available.  An available position may not be for the instrument the student plays, and to gain a position, the student may have to play another instrument to add into the show.

What if I didn't enroll but want to be in band? Students are added to band classes very easily.  Mr. Jackson will contact your counselor and have you put into the correct class as long as you send your information before or during band camp in August.  Contact Mr. Jackson by e-mail (don't call the school).  Click this address to be directed to email:










New and returning students participate in a the jog-a-thon each June to earn their free member shirt (PE clothes). In 2020, students held a virtual jog-a-thon by counting their steps during the last week of school. Watch for information as plans develop.


Band Camp

Band Camp may be in person this coming summer. watch for developments as we get closer to August and the start of school.


Members of the Blue Star Regiment performed a concert in front
of the USS Missouri in Hawaii during their visit in 2013.




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The BSRIMA is a non-profit corporation tasked with providing support to the students and staff of the Instrumental Music and Auxiliary program. All parents of students in the program are welcome to join our ranks! Visit the parent boosters at this link:

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