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SUPPORTING north high school

The band program has long been an intregal part of the school spirit at North High. In the fall, the Blue Star Regiment attends all football games, home and away when possible, and plays at all school events. The athletic bands continue that support throughout the winter and spring months at games, assemblies, pep rallies and community events.



The basketball band is a select group of members who play in support of the basketball teams. The interested members try out after field show season. The band is around thirty-five members, including woodwinds, brass, bass guitar, and drum set. The band plays various pep tunes from marching season and other selections added each year.

2014 BASKETBALL BAND personnel

Basketball Band is about to get underway for the 2014 season!  Congratulations to the students that auditioned this year; they are terrific additions to the group.

 Flutes      Trumpets  
  Bonnie Thompson     Sydney Birnbaum
  McLane Mares     Jiafu Cai
  Brandon Morgan     Gabriel Maldonado
 Clarinet      Horns  
    Sop Erica Mora       F Horn Brett Whitchurch
  Rhe-Jean King       Flugel Gabe Maldanado
  Saachi Kudakar      
    Bass Lyndsey Palomino    Trombone  
  Julian Guiza     Shannon Sweitzer
        Karina Duque
 Saxophone       Dazia Montgomery
    Alto Kyle Harris      
  Damen Messenger    Euphonium  
  Lizeth Romo     Aidan Van Gossen
        Ruben Manzo
    Tenor Overath Espinoza     Angela Roberts
  Ronald Bernal      
        Humberto Sandoval
        Jason Roberts
 Manager / Drum Major    Percussion  
  Tyler Castleman       Set  Luke Johnson
          Alt Set  Ron Lemos

Measure B project

This ensemble is the ultimate in pep bands, performing music from every style, such as funk, pop, jazz, Latin, rock, hip-hop, etc. Students chosen for this group are the most senior members, section leaders, and participants in basketball band. Participation in both the Basketball Band and the BSR is required for all members. The ensemble is mostly student driven, and the members determine rehearsal times. The group performs at local events, as well as selected basketball and volleyball games, and other events throughout the school and community. The demands on band members in this ensemble are high, however the rewards far surpass any other experience

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