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For Daytime Band Class Instruction and Marching Band PE



It's finally here - the day where we get to see our friends again, and play music together!

These instructions are for the following classes: Symphonic Winds (3rd), Wind Ensemble (4th), Wind Ensemble (Percussion 5th) Wind Ensemble Honors and IB Music (6th). Scroll down for Marching Band PE (Blue Star Regiment 7th).

Personal and Protective Equipment (PPE): The school district has provided the necessary PPE and rehearsal guidelines for students to play instruments in person safely. The PPE will be passed out at the beginning of each class on Monday and Tuesday, and Thursday for RVS students attending Marching Band PE. Students are responsible for replacing lost or damaged PPE before being allowed to play again.


In Person Band Class Days

On the day you have band class in person:

  • Bring your instrument AND MUSIC from home
  • Store your instrument and music in the white trailer near the band room before your first class; Mr. Jackson will be there to assist you
  • Band class will meet inside the band room briefly, then move outside to set up and play
  • In person band classes are not streamed to the virtual cohort at this time
  • Store your instrument in the trailer and disinfect your equipment using materials provided to you
  • At the end of the school day, you MUST take your instrument home to complete online assignments on the days you are virtual
  • Exceptions: Tuba players and some percussion will use instruments stored at school

Virtual Band Class Days

On the day you meet band class online:

  • Log into the Google classroom (refer to the new schedule for yout log in time)
  • Class lasts only 20 minutes
  • You will be assigned a MusicFirst assignment that compliments the in person instruction
  • The in person band classes are not streamed to the virtual cohort at this time



Blue Star Regiment (7th Period Class)





Schedule Change

Now that we are returning in person to school, the Marching Band PE weekly schedule is as follows:

Monday - same (guard)

Wednesday - same

Thursday - In Person at North HS 4:00 - 5:30 PM

All North in person and RVS virtual students are to attend in person rehearsals.

The primary activity during in person rehearsals is to prepare music. Some marching and movement fundamentals will be taught beginning 4/22.

Absent Students

Students that do not attend the in person rehearsals prior to the football game will not be allowed to perform on 4/15.

The class will be streamed live to your Google Classroom. Mr. Schive moderates the class for online students, and your questions and comments need to be addressed to him throughout the class.


BSR members will be provided with their BSR member shirt for 2020-21 prior to the game. Our regular uniforms will not be used for the game. Only students participating will receive a shirt for the event.



Blue Star Regiment Performance Event

It is verified that the BSR is scheduled to play at the football game on Thursday, April 15. This is a pep band for the last home game of the season. At the end of the game, we will play You'll Never Walk Alone for the seniors. This may be the only time we have an opportunity to perform this tradition this year, but we will take it!


1. You'll Never Walk Alone

2. Sons of Westwood (fight song)

3. Sing

4. BBQ's (short pep tunes)

5. LA (drum cadence)

6. Rock Lobster

7. Daily Warm Ups


1. Senior picture

Our photographer has a plan (pending approval) to photograph seniors in uniform to create a senior class portrait.

2. BSR Banquet

There may be an in person end of year BSR picnic depending on continued low infection rates


Athletic Clearance for BSR Members

At this time, the athletic clearance is not needed to attend the 7th period Marching Band PE class on Thursday because we are back in school. However, it is still required for participation in the Blue Star Regiment. Clearances are valid for an entire year, and if you obtain one now, it will also count for next year's activities.



In Person Marching Band PE Schedule

Parents may not come onto campus at any time, but need to wait until your child passes the health scan.


  3:45 Arrival

Arrive at about 3:45 to get a health check before rehearsal

Students need to enter campus from the back parking lot - do NOT enter from the front of the school

Walk through the scanner in Room 404

Once you have cleared your health scan, tell your parents so they can go

3:55 After Health Scan

Put your wrist band on and go to the band room area - students skipping the health scan and without wrist bands will be sent home

Go to the field area to set up your station on the BSR field behind the away side stands

  4:00 Set Up

Students need to set up according to the grid on the pavement

All students are to remain spaced out and in their area for the duration of the rehearsal

Keep all of your items with you in your position

4:45 Break

5:00 Ensemble Practice on the BSR field

5:15 Dismissal Begins

Students will be excused in sections so distances can be maintained

Collect your belongings and meet your parents in the BACK PARKING LOT - do NOT use the front of the school

5:30 Rehearsal Ends



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