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August 5-9

Who:   Blue Star Regiment Members
Dates: August 5-9
Times: See schedule below
Place: North HS

Band Camp

Our annual band camp sets the Blue Star Regiment up for a successful season. Students attend daily and learn the music and the drill for the competition show and school events.

There are 145+ enrolled for the Blue Star Regiment, so attendance is needed to secure a position.

Attendance at Band Camp is mandatory for students wanting a spot in the Blue Star Regiment performance shows.

Q: When does my child tryout for the Blue Star Regiment?

A: There are no tryouts. Being there on August 5th means they are in! There will be some adjustments as we learn marching, but everyone gets a spot.


Members of the Blue Star Regiment often rehearse outside. Be prepared with the following items:

  • A friend! Yes, even if they don't play an instrument - its ok! We have baritones and trombones to pass out
  • Water jug or large water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Running or walking shoes (no flip flops, heals, etc.)
  • Instrument


Band Tryouts

Q: When can my child tryout for the Blue Star Regiment? A: There are no tryouts for band. Being there on August 5th means they're in!

Percussion / Drums

Q: My child wants to be a drummer but didn't come to tryouts. What happens now? A: All upper battery positions are filled, but there is one bass drum spot that students may try for. After that is chosen, the remaining percussion members will be placed in the front ensemble

Band Camp Attendance

Q: My child can't go to every day of band camp. A: Students are placed into he drill according to their ability to participate. Students that cannot attend camp and other events are assigned to an alternate position, and are added to the show providing they will the challenge for a position. NOTE: Members that do not attend band camp are significantly behind those that do. They need to work hard to catch up.


Check out for school instruments starts at the first rehearsal, and will also be assigned after lunch on the first day of Band Camp.

Flutes, clarinets, and trumpets usually run out quickly. If there is not an instrument available, students are encouraged to try a new instrument like trombone, baritone or french horn. These instruments will be easy to learn after learning a woodwind instrument.  We do not own alto saxophones to check out. Be adventurous and prepared to try something new and exciting!


Lunch takes place on campus.  For safety reasons, students are not allowed to leave campus in the middle of the day to buy food. The parent boosters serve food to those members that purchase a Lunch Card. The lunch menu and the purchase option is located at this link: Lunch Order

AUXILIARY (Color Guard)

Band Camp is for you too! This is where the entire Blue Star Regiment starts to learn out competition show.


The drum line is being placed in May with the students that have attended the clinics. New percussionists attending Band Camp on the first day will be placed in an appropriate place alongside students who have been attending May and summer rehearsals.

Band Camp Schedule
5 6 7 8 9
7:30a Check in starts

NOTE: Check in opens on the first day of band camp 7:30 AM. Students must update their contact information during the process.

Here's What's Going On

Click on the  calendar link below for detailed travel and performance information. Click directly on the event you want to see.



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