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The Blue Star Regiment is a modern, corps-style marching band. The BSR is a precision-based ensemble which performs cutting edge, contemporary marching band shows. Standards and expectations for this group are high, however the pride and excitement gained from participation is unmatched in the band program. The group performs at all home football games, as well as competitions throughout the West. All students in the Blue Star Regiment are required to enroll in one of the concert ensembles in order to participate. The BSR meets throughout the summer as well as after school rehearsals during the season.

Additional information for new members is available a this link:  BSR Band Camp

2010 Blue Star Regiment

PREVIOUS show titles

The Blue Star Regiment members pictured while practicing in the theater during band camp


1990: Southern Songs
1991: Spanish Fantasy
1991: The Music of Jazz
1992: Pat Metheny
1993: Summertime
1994: The New Age
1995: The Music of Gordon Sumner (Sting)
1996: Harry Connick Jr.
1997: Empire of the Sun
1998: Frames of Mind
1999: The Sea
2000: Westward Expansion
2001: Construction
2002: The Road Not Taken
2003: Flight
2004: Mathematics
2005: The Shape of Things to Come
2006: Metallic Voices
2007: Nevermore
2008: Essays from the Edge
2009: Stars: Love, Loss, Reunion
2010: Thrill Ride: Roller Coaster, Amusement, The Last Ride
2011: American Voices
2012: Third Street
2013: Skyscrapers
2014: Alice
2015: Northapolusa
2016: Into Thin Air
2017: Its About Time



Over the past years, the band and its member have traveled to:

  • France: Paris and Chantilly
  • China: Jiangmen, Hong Kong, Tai Shan and Beijing. The students performed for dignitaries at sold out venues including the 3500 seat Jiangmen Area (pictured below)
  • Spain: Madrid and Toledo
  • England: London, Stonehenge, Windsor
  • Australia: Sydney, Adelaide
  • Japan: Nagoya, Wakayama and the World's Fair
  • Scotland: Edinburgh

DIRECTORS: past and present

Sam Terry 1965-1968 Dale Leaman Spring 1985
George Brooks 1968-1969 Perry Hall 1985-1989
Mr. Symms 1969-1970 Michael Hipp 1989-1992
John Mitchell 1970-1972 Pete Jackson 1992-2004
Alan Mitchell 1972-1979 Adam Kehl 2004-2009
Gary Locke 1979-1984 Pete Jackson 2009-present
Charles Craig 1984-1985


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