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Auditions for Teams

  • Last week in April each year
  • 3:30-5:30 pm
  • Location:  North HS Gymnasium

Transfer Students

Transfer students from schools outside the North HS feeder pattern need to email Mr. Jackson and provide information about where they were part of a previous color guard. An evaliation will follow to determine placement in a position.


Did You Miss Auditions? 

It's not too late! Students that are recruited after tryouts have specific requirements to join the team, including an audition. Email Mr. Jackson for information about being auditioning on another date.

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2019 Blue Star Regiment Auxiliary

The competition show theme was Pastime: A tribute to America's favorite pastime, Baseball.

Costumes were designed to look like old time baseball shirts with a little bit of a modern flair.


  2019 BSR Auxiliary  




Blue Star Regiment Auxiliary

Enrollment: 30
Period 6

The auxiliary (color guard) members of the Blue Star Regiment are highly successful and artistic performers. The audition for this ensemble is held one time each year after spring break. Members compete with the Blue Star Regiment in field shows and parades, and perform at home football games and community events.



BSR Winter Guard

Enrollment: 30
Period 6-7 (winter/spring)

This class prepares students for the indoor competition season, and team members are selected from the Blue Star Regiment's fall membership. Students perform in venues around southern California beginning in February, and the indoor seasons culminate with WGASC Championships. 

Students also perform as part of the Synergy Concert in May.  Auxiliary members choreograph their own solo and group routines for stage performances with the band's musical ensembles.



The drill teams and color guards have won an impressive number of awards and honors.

  • 1985  State Champion Precision Drill Team
  • 1985  National Champion Precision Drill Team
  • 1985  World Champion Precision Drill Team
  • 1994  National U.S.A. and Miss Drill Team Champion Drill Team
  • 1994  World Champion Dance Precision Drill Team, Nagoya, Japan
  • 1994  Winter Guard Association (WGASC) Gold Medal AA Color Guard
  • 1995  National USA Champion Drill Team
  • 2001&nbsp National USA Champion Drill Team
  • 2010  Winter Guard Association (WGASC) Gold Medal Color Guard
  • 2019  Winter Guard Association (WGASC) Bronze Medal Color Guard

Finalist Winter Guard: a three-peat!

The winter guard finished it's season once again as a finalist guard! This is the third consecutive year the guard students have qualified for finals competition.

Finalist winter guards file in for the championship award ceremony. North is already on the court, fourth guard from the right.





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The BSRIMA is a non-profit corporation tasked with providing support to the students and staff of the Instrumental Music and Auxiliary program. All parents of students in the program are welcome to join our ranks! Visit the parent boosters at this link:

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