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Posted July 12
July 25-29, 1-9 PM

The 2022 BSR Band Camp start on July 25. The students will meet later than normal, from 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM to take advantage of the cool weather after 6:00 PM for field rehearsals. Watch for updated information as the start of band camp approaches. Band Camp Information Link

Posted July 12
Percussion & Guard Positions

The following positions are still available in the Blue Star Regiment:

Posted May 16
June 9

It is time to start the annual Orientation Barbecue up again! On June 9, new students may check out instruments, and we will rehearse new music for the fall band. Parents will have a meeting prior to the barbecue and then be able to hear the band play something before the festivities start.

Posted May 20
New Line

The new line has been set, and some music for the fall show is already passed out to students. The front ensemble can still take new members through summer, and will also have music soon.

Posted May 16
May 24

The band is playing at graduation again for the first time since covid started. This is the final exam for all band classes. The student schedule will be posted on the calendar.

Posted May16
May 20

The BSR Awards Party takes place at the Islander Pool near UCR.

February 3
School and BSR Conduct

Wherever we are, for whatever reason, BSR students must follow school rules at all times. As a team, we represent our school and reveal what kind of people we are. While at school, students are demonstrating what they will do away from campus, and if they cannot follow school rules while on campus, they are not expected to follow basic rules off of campus. This program has a zero tolerance policy for breaking school rules, and those students that cannot follow rules and instructions at school, will not travel or participate with this program.

Donde sea que estemos, por cualquier razón, los estudiantes de BSR deben seguir las reglas de la escuela en todo momento. Como equipo, representamos a nuestra escuela y revelamos qué tipo de personas somos. Mientras están en la escuela, los estudiantes demuestran lo que harán fuera del campus, y si no pueden seguir las reglas de la escuela mientras están en el campus, no se espera que lo hagan fuera del campus. Este programa tiene una política de tolerancia cero para romper las reglas escolares, y aquellos estudiantes que no pueden seguir las reglas e instrucciones en la escuela, no viajarán ni participarán en este programa.


Needed at Most Events

Chaperons are needed for most events.
Se necesitan chaperones para la mayoría de los eventos.

It is very important to have at lease one parent available to help out in the event that the teacher needs help when at an event. There are times when a parent needs to stay with students when a director needs to take care of a problem, meet with judges, or any number of other things.
Es muy importante tener al menos un padre disponible para ayudar en caso de que el maestro necesite ayuda en un evento. Hay momentos en que un padre necesita quedarse con los estudiantes cuando un director necesita solucionar un problema, reunirse con jueces o cualquier otra cosa

Sign up to be a chaperon by clicking on the multicolored hand next to the event.
Regístrese para ser un chaperón haciendo clic en la mano multicolor al lado del evento

Proper Concert Attire

Dresses and skirts must be calf length or longer.
Dresses must be black (not polka dotted, striped, etc.).
All clothing chosen MUST cover the girl. Dresses designed to attract attention are not appropriate.
Shoes must be black.

Dress pants (slacks) are black. No jeans.
Shoes are black - wear your marching shoes if they still fit. No sneakers, sports shoes, etc.
Shirt: Dress shirt with collar.
Tie: All black.

Alternate Policy

The first alternates are those students that do not attend band camp, or qualify a spot. Eventually the alternates are those members with the worst attendance after school starts. Alternates still attend and march at all rehearsals (Band PE class), and play at all school performances.




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